July 27, 2010

It is time for another post. Feel free to read the last ones if you want. I try not to make them too long, but if it bores you after reading a paragraph or two, why continue reading? And if you are amazed by it after the first two sentences, why should you stop? So, I suppose how long it is shouldn’t matter that much. In fact, I take it back. This post will be long.

Today was not very eventful (doesn’t that sentence make you want to read on?). I woke up and proceeded to the next part of my daily schedule in the Summer, which is to fall back to sleep. An hour later I woke up again and turned on the radio, which is always on but is at zero volume when I go to sleep. This somehow motivates me to get up every morning.

I slapped on some jeans and a T-shirt (my usual look). I brushed my teeth (which takes extra care because of my braces and oral surgery). I fixed my hair (or, as some people think, I messed up my hair). I shaved (which I only have to do occasionally). This is a normal morning.

I live in a big house. It does not have big rooms, but a million little ones.Even with a big house, though, you cannot be alone with a family of nine. Everyone is always everywhere. Constantly talking, moving, playing, fighting. The ages range from 8 to 18, myself being the second oldest, and the oldest boy. There are always many cliques in a school. I have cliques in my family as well.

I will skip through the middle of the day since it was so uneventful and dull. I will just let you picture me doing whatever thing comes to your mind when you think of the word “dull”. I personally have two things that come to mind when I think of that word. The first thing is a young boy nibbling on a lukewarm pickle, while sitting in the middle of the street with nobody in sight in 90 degree weather. The second thing that comes to my mind is a young adult who inherited everything from his father. He is in evening attire and is sitting on a chair by himself. Amongst him are many party guests who are drinking his wine, eating his food, and taking advantage of his hospitality. He is running out of money, but the only way he can maintain popularity is by throwing parties, since he is unfashionable and has a boring personality. The party guests are chattering away, most likely gossiping about him. He asks a butler for some wine, but it is all gone. He then sits in his chair in utter sadness and humility as he watches his life slowly being consumed by people he doesn’t even know.

This evening was filled up with one single event: VBS. VBS stands for Vacation Bible School, and it is for children below 6th grade. It includes Bible lessons, crafts, snacks, and games. My father is the pastor of a church, and we are hosting it this week. The children in my family are helping in small ways; my sister Caroline drew amazing pictures for it (she seriously outdid herself) and all of us are putting on a series of skits (written by the VBS administrators, or something..). I am the narrator and the sound booth guy. You know, that one person in the back making sure you hear the pastor inform you that what you have been doing your whole life is a sin from the pit of Hell.

After that whole deal (which was actually sort of fun), we all went home. And that’s the end.

For closing, I have a great poem to share with you. It is very funny and you will laugh so hard that you will get all your friends to read it and send messages to your grandma, and all of your teachers so everyone can read the hilarious poem by Andrew Jumper. But, I won’t share it with you because I ended the last entry with a poem. Oh, well!

I will end this entry with a song. It is a short song and not written by me. It was probably written by someone who held immense love for his pony. You may recognize it.

My little pony, my little pony! I’m so glad you’re my friend!


One Response to “Eh?”

  1. Right now I’m sitting in the dark at midnight completely cracking up by myself and looking like a fool. I blame you.

    “Madeline, this is crazy!”

    That is all I have to say.

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