July 24, 2010

Excuse my absence; I forgot that this blog existed. I suppose you will want to hear about my time at my aunt and uncle’s house. Well sorry, you can’t. The reason I provide is that it’s been a while since then and if I made a post about it, it would be of the utmost poorest quality posts in existence. So, what will I write about now? My thoughts, I suppose.

It is a dark and stormy night, and I am being forced by certain people to attend a renaissance fair tomorrow. I leave at 9:30 AM, and it’s 12:46 right now. I am used to sleeping in, so I should feel very grumpy when I wake up. Besides making me go, they want me to actually put on a costume: A white fluffy shirt, a dagger, black pants, and boots. I am not so keen on doing so, but I fear that if I don’t do it my friends shall roast me on a spit. My older sister promised to buy me something at Starbucks, and maybe even some cinnamon-covered pecans at the fair if I do…so that’s also a bonus. Her name is Christina, and she has been an official ‘adult’ for just over a week, though in my opinion she has never ceased to be an adult from the day she came into existence. This is neither a compliment nor an insult, but simply a fact. It is like saying a crayon is blue (but I suppose that could be considered to be an insult in certain situations).

What else is happening besides my waterfall of lament pouring into a bottomless bowl of poison and sadness? Two of my four sisters are having two of another family’s four daughters over for a sleepover (in which nobody ever really sleeps, of course).

The two sisters are Christina (my older sister, and a photographer) and Caroline (my oldest younger sister, who is an artist). The two guests are Katie (the older one) and Maddie (the younger one).

To start the night, the game they decided to play (and let me play) was “Apples to Apples”. For those of you who live on the far end of the galaxy, I will explain the game:

There are red cards and green ones. Red cards have nouns (earthworm(s), fire, etc.) on them, while the green ones show adjectives (ghastly, dull, etc.). To start the game, seven red cards are distributed among the players (4 or more). After each player has seven red cards, one of the players then draws a green card and lays it out, faced up, in the middle. This player is the judge. All other players will proceed to look through their red cards and decide which one best goes along with the green one. They lay that card in the middle, face down, next to the green card. The judge will then look through the red cards laid in the middle and decide the winner. The winner gets to keep the green card from that turn. All players take turns being the judge, and the first to a certain number of green cards wins. Some say that the green cards you get describe who you are….

To make a short story even shorter, I lost, with only one green card in my possession at the end of the game (“heartless”).

After playing Apples to Apples, I broke from the company of the four girls as they cheeped and chattered their way upstairs to gape and giggle at their renaissance clothes.

Tonight, I will leave you with a small poem:

As the thunder rolls

and the lightning strikes

to burn small bushes


and the like,

I sit inside

the warmth of my house

eating some cheese

like a poor little mouse.



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