11 Day Famine

June 18, 2010

Because I have so many readers (and ‘followers’), I saw it the decent thing to do to remind you of an upcoming trip of mine to Colorado. I will be going with the Boyscouts, and I will be gone for 11 days (trips there and back included). I know that I only just started, and I have many, many horrible and uninteresting things to share with you that I will dish out sporadically in the near future..but for now, you will have to settle for lesser blogs, such as my older one: ‘ze blog of doom’. It’s the only link down there, so unless you are part of my Boyscout troop, are dead, work at Wal-Mart, Six Flags, or are the current president of the United States, you should be able to find it without too many problems.While you’re down there where all the annoying links that you care nothing about are, you might want to consider subscribing to this blog. After you subscribe, you can forget all about it for 11 days, then regret it when you get an e-mail about a post from a blog you don’t even remember reading.


Sporadic Text: I may or may not sporadically or expectantly add or remove more or no features to or from this blog or my other blog in the near or distant future that will make your life better, or make you want to jump off the edge of a cliff with scorpions and octopi waiting to eat you at the bottom.


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